Thinking Split System Air-Conditioning?

Think Electrical.
Given our everchanging climate here in Victoria, we have to be ready for all kinds of weather.
A split system air-conditioning unit, could provide you or your workplace with a great source of heating and cooling for at a reasonable cost.
Split System Air-Conditioners

Split system units are becoming more and more efficient as technology advances. They provide both heating and cooling for your home and some of the most advanced can be rated at 5 stars for energy consumption. With Wi-Fi integration becoming more available, you can control your heating and cooling from your phone as part of a Smart Home. Click here for more information on our Smart Home services.

The correct installation and regular maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment can mean they will last longer and provide you with quality air and efficiency, saving you money. Daniel at Think Electrical Solutions has vast experience in the installation and maintenance of domestic, commercial and industrial air-conditioning units.

So if you are thinking of upgrading to a split system or wondering who to call for servicing, Think Experience, Think Reliability, Think Affordability, Think Electrical Solutions

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