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Electrical services in the Sunbury area

Easily accessed from the Calder and minutes away from Daniel’s home in the Macedon area, Sunbury is a busy place and Bunnings in Sunbury is the place Daniel seems to be most.

He can often be spotted acquiring electrical supplies and learning about new products that have just hit the market or are about to. If he isn’t in Bunnings, then he probably will be picking up a takeaway coffee or a bite to eat at the Spotted Owl on his way to his next job.

If you are thinking of building a new home in any of the new housing areas that are on offer. If you are thinking about making some changes to your existing home to add space, functionality and value, think about getting it right first time with Think Electrical Solutions.

If your power goes out you’ve checked with Powercor and all is right with them, Think Electrical and call Daniel. He can come and do some troubleshooting to get you back up and running. With experience in switchboards and all things domestic, commercial and industrial, Think Electrical can solve your problems.

Are you a business owner in the area? Are you wanting to streamline production, enhance safety or just looking for regular maintenance? Think Electrical Solutions can help with many things around your office, factory or warehouse.

Thinking of making electrical changes?
Think Electrical Solutions.

Why Choose Us

Daniel takes pride in knowing that his clients get what they pay for, so Think Electrical Solutions for:
Honest, Competitive and Realistic Quotes
Timely and Reliable Service
Professional Workmanship
Clear and Concise Communication
A Friendly, Helpful and Approachable Style
Passion and Dedication
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