Underground Cabling Services

Think Electrical.
With over 15 years of experience in underground cabling for domestic, industrial and commercial projects, Think Electrical can handle everything from facilitating new consumer mains connection and meter panel installation, to up-grading your current power supply to meet the demands of new technology in your growing business.

Here at Think Electrical, we can help with the design and installation of your power cabling. If you are on acreage, we calculate the necessary cable system by determining the length, maximum demand, voltage drop and earth fault loop, and give you all information at hand to make an informed decision on your energy needs. Think Electrical will suggest ways to reduce your power and installation costs, without sacrificing the integrity of your system and its future needs.

Underground Cabling Services

Dial Before You Dig (DBYD)

Prevent causing damage and disruption to Australia’s major infrastructure services. DBYD is your essential first step before any excavation or DIY projects. To organise an assessment and report of your residential or commercial property, contact Think Electrical for consultation, guidance and peace of mind. Your safety is our number one priority.

Trenching & Excavation

Do you require power trenching on a new estate with a 7 metre setback, or building your dream home on acreage with 200 metres from your property boundary? Think Electrical have the means to excavate and dig the trenches to the specific depths in order for your electrical cabling to be laid safely and remain operational for years to come.

Electrical Consultation & Design

Here at Think Electrical, our relationship with our clients begins even before the dirt is first turned on your project. Understanding individual’s energy needs is crucial in designing a system for not only the now, but for years to come. We work closely with the local power authorities to assess your availability, taking into account your energy requirements and importantly your budget.

Mains Cabling Calculations

With such things as Cable selection, Maximum Demand, Voltage Drop and Earthing to consider when designing an electrical system for a property or business, it is essential the calculations are done right. We have the experience and knowledge to design and install the precise infrastructure that can save you time and money in the long run.

Underground Wiring Systems

All underground electrical services must meet minimum protective measures for installation. From heavy duty conduit, cable tray or buried direct cabling, Think Electrical have got you covered by meeting all the industry requirements to protect both your infrastructure and personnel.

Mains Cabling Installation & Upgrades

Connecting your switchboard to your supply point, the mains cabling needs to be able to service your property adequately. Older houses and businesses are often under supplied and need upgrading to cope with modern needs. Call us for a free assessment and quote on your new or existing power supply and switchboard.

Communications Services
We can help design a system with the right cabling and conduits to cope with increased communications for your business or home, giving you room to grow and diversify.
  • DBYD report
  • Underground trenching
  • Excavation
  • Conduit installations
  • XLPE Cabling
  • Fire rated cabling
  • Communications lead-in cabling
  • Cable tray install
  • Meter panel installations
  • Power authority consultation
  • Electrical pit installations
  • Cable identification
  • Cable labelling
  • Fault finding
  • Cable locating services
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