Ceiling fan installation for summer or winter

Ceiling fans are a cost-effective addition to your home to get you through the long hot Bendigo summer days. They use minimal energy and provide natural air-movement throughout the room so you can remain in comfort all year round. They have the ability to bring a practical sense of style into your home which you can benefit from for years to come.

Ceiling fan installation can also significantly increase the usability of your patio. Your BBQ and outdoor entertaining area will be significantly more comfortable this summer by installing ceiling fans for those still and sticky Bendigo summer evenings. Sitting out of the back deck on a summers evening is an Aussie tradition that we can do in comfort. Make the call today to Think Electrical Solutions for your no obligation free quote.

We all know ceiling fans are great for summer but did you also know they can be a great addition for winter too? Do you have high ceilings which trap the hot air from your wood fire or gas ducted heater? A simple addition of a ceiling fan will push the hot air down and around your home creating efficiency of your heating system and providing a reduction in your energy cost per annum.

Many of my clients with wood heaters also choose to install a heat transfer system from the main living where the fire place is situated, transferring the radiant heat to the rear of the house or bedroom intern utilising the excess warmth upon your ceiling. This is done by installing an inline fan within the roof space and ducting it from the living room to the desired location.

So avoid dragging out your old pedestal fans out of the cupboard this summer and make the change to installing a ceiling fan in your home.

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