Split system installation for air-conditioning and heating

Beat the heat this summer by booking in your split system installation with Think Electrical Solutions. Never underestimate the power of a good night sleep. So why sweat it out in those 30 degree dead still Bendigo summer nights when you have the solutions at your fingertips.

A single head reverse cycle split system air conditioner is the most common choice for Australians when it comes to heating and cooling. With new inverter technology, split system air conditioners are efficient to run, can heat or cool a room from 12 square meters to 80+ depending on the selection of unit.

Modern split-system air conditioners are very quiet indoors and out, have the ability to be controlled by your smart phone or tablet, can perform a self-cleaning function and have an air purification system which enhances air sterilisation and can prevent the impact on allergy sufferers or asthmatics.

Split system Air-conditioning units’ price can range from $600 – $4000 depending on your situation, and installation cost are very reasonable. Call Think electrical Solutions for a no obligation free quote today. Think Electrical Solutions have a Certificate 2 in split system air-conditioning and heat pump systems and their friendly and experienced team can have you relaxing in comfort all seasons round.

What brand split system air-conditioning unit do I need?
Currently we are spoilt for choice when it comes to single head split system units in Australia. Ultimately, it all comes down to what features are important to you and your family. Whether it be WIFI connectivity, self-cleaning or air purification there are options out there for all types and budgets. Ask Think Electrical Solutions today for a no obligation free assessment and quote.

How do I work out what size air-conditioner I require?
It is important to size your air-conditioner accordingly to the intended room. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. If your unit is sized incorrectly, they can heat or cool your room too quickly, shutting on and off causing it to never finish its intended cycle. This will decrease its longevity and make it far less efficient to run.

Important factors to take into account when sizing your split system air conditioner. First of all, the size of your house or room, next the direction it faces and how many west facing windows. You also need to consider how old your home is and is it well insulated.

There are three main ways to calculate your air-conditioner needs:

1. Using a formula

  • If your ceiling is 2.4m high, you will need to multiply the day time living area (m²) by 150 (watts)
  • If your ceiling is 2.7m high, you will need to multiply the daytime living area (m²) by 160 (watts)
  • If your ceiling is 3m high, you will need to multiply the daytime living area (m²) by 175 (watts)

2. Use an online calculator

  • I like to use the Panasonic air conditioning sizing wizard app on your smart device
  • Others include the Fujitsu My aircon website

3. Ask a professional at Think Electrical Solutions to come and calculate your needs.

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