Install LED downlights to replace halogen bulbs

With LED downlights replacing traditional halogen bulbs in homes all over Bendigo and the Macedon Ranges, the days of overheating lamps, constantly replacing light bulbs and excessive power bills can be over. An average LED light uses 8 watts of power, while halogen lights average about 90 watts, that’s over 90% less energy. Approximately $1.05 saving per week per downlight. That’s a $55 saving per light per year!! What’s more LEDs produce a constant brilliant illumination compared with your traditional halogen bulbs. They also have a much longer lifespan, so it’s no wonder they’ve become such a popular choice. With the demand so high, it has meant competition in the LED lighting market is stronger than ever meaning upgrading to LED lights throughout your home has never been more affordable. LED’s provide better quality lighting & they save you money.

There are so many benefits that come with LED light replacement or installation. In terms of aesthetics you can also modernise your home by replacing your existing batten lights to energy efficient LED down-lights or adding additions. Whether it is just a few existing lights in tough to reach places around the home, or you need to bring more light into your house with a complete lighting overhaul. Think Electrical Solutions can help. We can install LED security lighting to our Bendigo client’s homes with ease, so you can sleep in peace knowing your house, car and family are safe for any unsuspecting intruders. The addition of LED Hi-bay lighting to your mancave or shed means you can work into the night or your car, or have the next-door neighbour over and watch the game in comfort and style. We can set your feature outdoor lighting on a wireless timing system so you never forgot to turn them off whist keeping your house the spectacle of the street. Our range of LED floodlights will light up the back yard bright enough so the kids can sneak that last game of basketball in before retiring to bed.

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